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11 job-search blunders I find hard to believe

Some things I find hard to believe; like I stepped on my scale this morning expecting to be two pounds heavier due to weekend of overeating, but I was actually two pounds lighter. Or I deliver the best workshop of my life … Continue reading

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4 successful ways to be proactive in your job search

Some job seekers tell me they turn on their computer every day to log on to Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and other job boards. They spend many hours a day applying for posted jobs, sending as many as 20 cookie-cutter resumes out a … Continue reading

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Meeting 5 objections to joining LinkedIn

I’ve been invited to speak at a networking event about LinkedIn, where many of the participants are nonbelievers of this great online networking application. My initial reaction when I was asked to speak to the naysayers is to tell them … Continue reading

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Brand yourself in these 6 major LinkedIn sections

This article originally appeared in http://www.recruiter.com.  Many articles talk about how important it is to create and maintain a strong personal brand. Doing this requires consistency across your written, verbal, and online communications. In an Entrepreneur article, author Thomas Smale stresses the importance of having an … Continue reading

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6 reasons why LinkedIn probably isn’t for you

For a long time I’ve considered it my mission to recruit people to join LinkedIn, like a college recruiter goes after blue chip basketball players. But after having a discussion a few days ago with someone in my workshop, it finally … Continue reading

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4 ways your LinkedIn photo is an impostor

  How my guilt over being an impostor forced me to change my photo. Will the real John Smith stand up? You’ve probably seen it before. You see someone’s photo on LinkedIn, you meet him in public, and notice that … Continue reading

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11 reasons why I update so often on LinkedIn

Yesterday I tried really hard to refrain from sharing more than one LinkedIn status update. This resolution lasted an hour before I gave in to my urges, like someone on a bad diet. I don’t know what it is about this … Continue reading

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