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10 common interview questions; the good, bad, and the ugly

Preface: I will always believe that behavioral-based and situational questions are better than the ones discussed in this post; however interviewers feel differently. There are interview questions that have survived the test of time and are still being asked at interviews. … Continue reading

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2 great reasons why introverts and job seekers should walk alone

Introverts find various ways to carve out the time to reflect. Mine is walking. Yours may be hiking, yoga, going to the gym, taking a ride, etc. Imagine doing what helps you to reflect. As often as I can I lace … Continue reading

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14 tips to connect in your community for your job search

Some job seekers see attending organized networking events as akin to meeting their future in-laws for the first time. For some it’s downright frightening; one job seeker told me she hyperventilates before she goes to an event. Wow. Perhaps you feel … Continue reading

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6 times when an accomplishment list can be useful

For awhile now I’ve been telling my workshop attendees to put together an accomplishment list. I’ve been waiting for just one of them to ask me if I have one. And I’ve had the sinking feeling of being like Dante … Continue reading

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5 steps to take when you can’t tailor your résumé to a particular position

When I tell jobseekers they should tailor their résumés to every position, their eyes widen. Some protest that this is too much work and one or two even become angry and profusely refuse to put in this hard work. The reason I tell my … Continue reading

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Here are 4 areas in your job search where you’re broadcasting your age

One concern I hear from job seekers in their 50’s and above is the prevalence of ageism they encounter in their job search. While I don’t disagree with these job seekers that it exists, I also tell them that they could do a better … Continue reading

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11 job-search blunders I find hard to believe

Some things I find hard to believe; like I stepped on my scale this morning expecting to be two pounds heavier due to weekend of overeating, but I was actually two pounds lighter. Or I deliver the best workshop of my life … Continue reading

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