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7 ways to set yourself apart in the job search

  In my personal life I drive a van. I’m a van dad; a chauffeur for my kids and their friends. Every night I eat cereal, Great Grains with cranberries, to be exact. Not good for my waistline. Another fact … Continue reading

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10 first impressions for job-search success

When I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones, I was not impressed. I’d heard it was a great show, but the gratuitous violence did more to turn me off than draw me into the most important episode of the series. I … Continue reading

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Drop the attitude: 8 ways mature workers need to mind their job search manners

An article I came across posted in Quintessential Careers from Susan Jepson, Director of National Senior Networks, reminds us that jobseekers must maintain a positive attitude, even mature workers. In her article, Mature Job-Seekers: Are You Practicing Reverse Age Discrimination in Your … Continue reading

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Self-promotion is necessary in childhood and adulthood

I’m not worried about my son. My son is in his second year of playing basketball. He’s quite good, for someone who just started playing, and talks a lot of trash. He’s usually the shortest kid on the court, but … Continue reading

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10 things you need to consider about your attitude when looking for work

  I posted this article a year ago on this site but I feel it’s worth repeating. I’ve also added two examples of behavior that contribute to a poor attitude. No one will argue that being unemployed isn’t a traumatic experience, especially me. … Continue reading

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10 tips job seekers must heed for a successful job search

And a short story about how my son didn’t listen. The other day, my son and I were shooting hoops. He was loving it. I was hating it, for the mere fact that my fingers were numb from the cold. … Continue reading

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BRAVE: 5 letters to remember for the interview

Today in my Interview workshop I went off on a rant about the importance of being a fit in the workplace. It’s not enough to have the job-related skills that allow you to hit the ground running, I told them. Most of my participants … Continue reading

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