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3 Ways to improve your job search with LinkedIn Updates

One of the things LinkedIn users might take for granted is the Updates feature which can be found on your home page and profile. In short, this is where jobseekers and business people can use LinkedIn to network and heighten … Continue reading

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Career Development: How to Create Your Career Development Plan in 3 Steps

Guest post from Dorothy Tannahill-Moran – Your Career Change Agent If you are pondering your career direction and how to get where you want to be, there are some simple steps you can take that will help you come up with … Continue reading

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The #1 way to stand out on your resume

By Laura Smith-Proulx Worried that your resume won’t stand out for that perfect job when compared to hundreds of eager job hunters? One of the BEST ways to distinguish yourself is to measure and document your performance against that of peers (or previous incumbents). Competitive intelligence … Continue reading

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Response to the Frustrated Recruiter Lady

While reading an article titled, “You are the Laziest Jobseeker Ever,” I felt sympathy for a recruiter who writes in near stream of consciousness describing lazy, apathetic jobseekers. From the sounds of it, she had certainly had enough of jobseekers … Continue reading

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Don’t neglect this component of your LinkedIn profile, Skills section

Have you seen the Skills section on LinkedIn? No. It’s really cool and something you should take advantage of. I’ve listed 25 skills that are associated with my job as a career trainer. And it’s a feature of LinkedIn that I … Continue reading

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