How To Post and Engage On LinkedIn

This guest article is from Hannah Morgan, a LinkedIn Top Voice, job-search strategist, and founder of Career Wondering what to post on LinkedIn? Hannah provides great advice on what to share with the LinkedIn community.

You’ve updated your LinkedIn profile for the one-millionth time but nada, nothing, zilch. No one is contacting you. What if I told you that having a dazzling profile is just one small part of getting found on LinkedIn.

Sure, you need to have a keyword-rich profile. But in order to expand the reach of your LinkedIn profile, you’ll have to become active and actually use LinkedIn.

But what kinds of stuff should you post on LinkedIn? And how often?

Just dedicate 5 minutes a day. That’s all it takes!

But First: Tips For An Awesome LinkedIn Profile

What To Post On LinkedIn

Sharing regular status updates and being active on LinkedIn will guarantee more people view your profile. And the more people who view your profile, the greater the chances of gaining new connections or future job opportunities.

So how often should you post (share an update)?

At least 20 posts a month and no more than 30 updates a month. (That’s just one update a day from Monday-Friday.) And don’t post them all on the same day.

If you want to see ideas of things you can post, read 25 Inspiring Ideas for What To Post On LinkedIn

Here are a few ideas

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Engage With People Too

Adding comments to someone’s post is better than “liking” it. Comments can lead to future dialog and networking opportunities! Do you need ideas? Here you go:

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For more details and examples, read How To Post Engaging Comments On LinkedIn

My Guarantee

I guarantee that if you try any of these tips for two weeks, you will notice more people viewing your LinkedIn profile! (That’s only 10 status updates!)

Be sure to record your LinkedIn views before you start your activities. (It’s kind of like weighing yourself before you start your diet!) Then, after one week, see how many people viewed your profile.

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