6 features on the LinkedIn mobile app that users appreciate

Approximately 65% of LinkedIn members use the LinkedIn mobile app, and some prefer it over the lap/desktop version, which doesn’t surprise me. In some ways I prefer the app because of its convenience and above average functionality. (Although, I have to admit I find using my phone’s keyboard challenging.)

There are also features on the app that are clunky and better used on the lap/desktop version. One that comes to mind is All Filters. But this is a small price to pay. It’s safe to say that if my laptop went down or I didn’t have Internet connection, I would be fine using the app.

I was curious what others thought about the app, so I started a post on LinkedIn that simply asked what people’s favorite LinkedIn mobile app feature is? There were a variety of answers and many of them are features not found on the desk/laptop version. One example is Stories which, for the life of me, I don’t get.

But that’s neither here nor there. Where someone enjoys Stories, I find the feature difficult to use and, well, frivolous. I guess the purpose of Stories escapes me, but I don’t claim to be the LinkedIn master who lords his opinions over others; and I hope I haven’t offended others who see value in the feature.


I mentioned above that I enjoy the convenience of the app because I can use it anywhere. One of my LinkedIn colleagues, Tara Orchard, enjoys the “convenience, generally, from the car, the waiting room, at the track (when [her] daughter was training, not competing).”

Another colleague, Kevin Turner, jokes that the app was developed so people could be stealthy at work while using it: “…I believe one of the main drivers behind the LI Mobile App use was Members checking their account while at the office. It would be interesting to see what the actual use stats are for 2020…”

Like Tara, I find myself opening the app almost everywhere and at any time, especially when there’s no Internet access like at my mother-in-law’s house.

Voice Message

In another poll I conducted, in which 1,354 people participated, this feature didn’t garner a large percentage of votes: 9% out of 100% to be exact. Yet, quite a few of the people who weighed in for this post selected Voice Message as one of their favorites. Why? It could be that the 9% turned out to play.

How do these go for me? Something like this: “Hi comma” (Oh crap, try again.) “Hi Karen (pause) This is Bob (pause) It was great hearing your voice (pause) I’m more of a writing guy um (long pause) I guess I should have planned this voice message period.” (Oh crap, you don’t need to say ‘period.)

Sonal Bahl chose two favorites, Voice Message and Pronunciation. I have received a few voice messages from Sonal, so I know she uses it. In fact, when I see the voice message bar in her DM, I tense up wondering if the message is going to be serious in nature. So far, her voice messages have been very pleasant.

🚀LoRen GReifF🚀is quite enthusiastic about Voice Message. She writes, “YUP. VM is my favorite mobile feature. Text fatigue is real and even the best emojis can’t deliver the range, tone and connection of voice.” This is a good point; writing DMs can be tiresome and looking for the perfect emojis does wear on you. 😩


This feature was mentioned often by those who commented in the post. While I see its value in terms of letting people know that McIntosh is pronounced without an “a,” I haven’t used it yet. Another reason for using this feature is to tell people your title and areas of expertise, all within ten seconds.

I listened to Virginia Franco’s Pronunciation wondering how “Franco” could be mispronounced. What I found is not that her name can be mispronounced; it’s that she adds her tiles to her name, which I think is a brilliant idea. (She gives Alex Freund credit for a way to brand you with this feature.)

QR Code

When it comes to the QR code feature found only on the app, 🍊 Madeline Mann 🍊 writes, “I’m with you on the QR code. I started using that instead of business cards.” I wonder if it would be overkill to include it in every post, DM, comments to posts and articles, etc. What do you think?

I think it’s cool that you’ll be transported to someone’s LinkedIn profile by scanning their QR code. Not nearby, someone can send it to you in an image. I encourage you to open Photo on your phone and scan my QR phone to see what I mean.

Stories and Video Message

This isn’t a feature I would have chosen as a favorite. I’ve tried it once or twice and find it frustrating that you only have 20 seconds per clip. It’s not that I consider myself to be long-winded, But com on.

Shelley Piedmont enjoys this feature because, “It has given [her] a more personal view of my connections. I feel like I have gotten to know them better.” Ana Lokotkova shares the same sentiment, “I prefer the mobile experience for sure. My two favorite features here are connection request previews and stories.”

I had to combine Video Message (simply called Video) with Stories because they’re both visual messages.

TIINA JARVET PEREIRA likes this feature along with Stories. She explains, “I like both the video messages and the LinkedIn story’s. [Stories] shows the list of the contacts of who have seen your story. On the posts you only see the location and job titles of the viewers. It’s more accurate and can open interesting conversations with your connections Bob McIntosh.”

I’m afraid I might have scared poor Tiina to death by trying Video and not leaving a message, simply staring into the screen. I sent her an apology, in text, but wonder if she’ll remove me from her network or send me a proper video to show me how it’s done.

One feature I thought would be an overwhelming favorite is Take a Video. No one offered it as one of theirs. With this feature you can take a video using your phone and post it on LinkedIn. You don’t have to download it to your computer first. Easy peasy, unless doing videos isn’t your thing.

Another feature that’s also available on the desk/laptop is Polls. As a way to communicate with my LinkedIn community, I use it once a week. I haven’t used it from the App, but I’m sure I’ll be away from my laptop and feel the urge to post a poll.


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