A moment to share an accomplishment

I was nominated for the Liebster “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” The reason I’m really psyched about this is because I love getting recognized for my writing, especially by the blogger whose writing talent I’ve come to admire. Rebecca Fraser-Thill writes a blog called Career Avoidance 101. Her writing is insightful and soulful.

She describes herself as a procrastinator who has no intention of changing her career path (good decision). Reading her bio, one gets the sense that she has found the career of her dreams–teaching college students while also being able to write some really inventive prose.

To accept this nomination I am required to: 1/ Display the award logo on my blog; 2/ Link back to the person who nominated me; 3/ State 7 things about myself; 4/ Nominate 15 Bloggers for this award; 5/ Notify those bloggers. 

The only challenge I see in this is choosing only 15 bloggers out of the many I’ve come to admire for their ability to write great stuff. So here it goes:

Seven things about me in no order of importance:

  1. I love cheese cake and have been paid by some of my jobseekers (really only 2 came through for me) for helping them get a job.
  2. I have a great family, all of whom I’ve embarrassed in one way or another. Example, my eldest daughter whenever I talk to a stranger.
  3. I’m a good soccer coach but a lousy assistant basketball coach. I’m still learning the rules and improving; nonetheless, my son never wants me to be a head coach.
  4. My kids constantly comment on my Buddha belly.
  5. My dad was my hero, but I never had the chance to tell him this.
  6. I’m pretty damn good at what I do. Example, one of my customers told me today that my advice is priceless (or did he say useless?).
  7. I’m bummed that I can’t go on. This is really fun. Oh, like Rebecca I have preference for perceiving (MBTI speak) and, thus, am a procrastinator.

This is the hard part, nominating 15 bloggers for this award. There are so many great bloggers out there. I nominate the following bloggers, in no particular order.

  1. Kathy Hansen A Storied Career
  2. A compilation of neat writers Career Thought Leaders
  3. Laura Smith-Proulx Executive Resume Expert
  4. Martin Yate Knock em Dead
  5. Meg Guiseppi Executive Resume Branding 

  6. Chris Perry MBA Highway
  7. Danielle April Boucher P.S, I Love PR
  8. Rebecca Fraser-Thill Career Avoidance 101 (back at ya)
  9. Anton Brookes Lust and Rum
  10. Fozia Saeed foziasaeed
  11. Neal Schaffer Windmill Networking
  12. lthibault11 Listentomethunder
  13. Ben (simply Ben) Your Job List
  14. Tim Lushey Sell, Lead, Succeed
  15. Donna Serdula LinkedIn Makeover

If you’ve been nominated, you can follow the aforementioned rules and nominate 15 bloggers of your own. Let’s build a community of networkers.

6 thoughts on “A moment to share an accomplishment

  1. Rebecca Fraser-Thill

    We “perceivers” are the best! I enjoyed reading your 7 things. And don’t worry, daughters are always embarrassed when their dads talk to strangers. Even terrific dads like my own. Thank you for all of the kind words.



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