The importance of competencies on your résumé, according to Martin Yate

If you’re wondering why the hundreds of résumés you’ve submitted online to various job boards haven’t resulted in an interview, not even a confirmation–it might have something to do with some very important information missing from your résumés.

The information in question, and what Martin Yate writes about in his latest blog post, Resume Getting Lost In The Resume Databases?, is your core competencies.

Martin Yate, author of the popular Knock em Dead series, describes in layman terms the importance of core competencies, how they act as the keywords that front-line managers use to search their company’s database for the next best hire. Don’t have the proper keywords, you may not end up in the pile of 20 résumés to be read by the front-line manager. Read this article to grasp the importance of keywords and how to present them on your résumés so they land on the top of the pile.

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