Four things you can do to keep your clients out of their “panic zone”

Jim2Guest writer, Jim Peacock, writes about the stretch zone, which is between the comfort and freak out zones. This resonated with me; the fact that we need to take action and not fear failure…rather expect it.

Get out of your comfort zone.” We’ve all heard this but some people think that there is only one zone beyond “comfort” and they call it “panic” or “freakout”.  Bryan Murphy who recently took a seminar from me explains to his students that there are actually three zones to think about.

Comfort zone, where no learning takes place. People are complacent here and often go through the motions that they are doing something.

Freakout or panic zone, again, where no learning takes place. When you freakout, you shut down, not much good is going to happen here.

But what lies in between is the key. In between comfort and panic is a zone that Bryan calls the stretch zone. This is where learning can happen.

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