10 things you must do to absolutely, positively, without a doubt get your dream job

bad-money-adviceReally?! Do you really think there are 10 sure things you must do to get a job, absolutely? Furthermore, do you believe one person, any person, can give you the answers you need to land your coveted job?

This topic came to mind when someone responded to a blog post I wrote on how job search experts should not force their beliefs on jobseekers, how people hunting for a job must consider different points of view, how there are no absolute answers. Said person wrote:

“…I tell students that there is no such thing as one correct way to compose a resume, prepare for an interview, conduct a job search, etc. That is why I am not a fan of articles with headlines that are strongly worded like, ‘Ten Words That Will Kill Your Resume.'”

I, nor do the many people I admire, would never purport to have all the answers needed to help you land a job. For if we had all the answers, we’d be very rich people. Filthy rich.

All we can do is offer some suggestions that you can weigh and act upon…or not. All we can do is provide support and hope. All we can do is give you a kick in the ass when you need it. All we can do is hope that if we’re ever in your position, you’ll return the favor.

But to make this post not a total bust, let me give you one bit of advice that I’ve offered my career center customers: never, ever give up the good fight. When you do that, you significantly limit your possibilities of landing a rewarding job. Maybe one will land in your lap, but it won’t be one that will make you happy.

When you give up hope, others will abandon hope for you.

Continue to read the articles that offer sage advice, and act on that advice; but don’t, as my colleague says, fall for the articles that guarantee job search success. If an article has the title I contrived, run the opposite way.

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