Stories have different meanings. Here’s one that relates to the job search

A recent post by Tim Mushey, Engaging People Is Not Only A Work Thing, has the quality of writing that made me want to actually finish reading it. Given its length–over 500 words–it’s quite a feat to hold someone’s attention (especially mine) to the point where you enjoy the story and its meaning.

Tim’s post has a storytelling feel to it that gets the message across loud and clear. I’m not writing to comment on Tim’s storytelling; I’m writing to once again say that stories have various meanings.

Tim talks about engaging people in your daily life activities, walking your dog, taking a run, and getting trapped at the mall because of a loquacious former teacher–his pops. He even talks about overcoming his stutter and having the courage to engage and how it took years of practice:

“This was not always easy for me; because I was quite shy growing up due to my stutter,” he writes. “Speaking up and meeting people was very difficult well in to my teenage years. But with practice and patience, I consider myself very engaging now, and will always take time to speak with others.”

I encourage you to read this insightful story and to engage.

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