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Professional networking: The one that got away

Guest Contributor Beth Cohen Moore. When it comes to networking for my career, I guess you could say I’m a lot like most people. The thought of entering a room full of a whole bunch of people I don’t know and trying to … Continue reading

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80% can’t be wrong: Network

I read an entry on the Personal Branding Blog  which stated, “According to ABC News, 80% of today’s jobs are landed through networking.” This percentage of networkers represents smart jobseekers who understand that looking for and finding work takes…work. They understand that personal … Continue reading

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We have more to talk about than introversion and extraversion

One thing that used to annoy me when my kids were young was when they’d ask me on Monday what we were doing for the upcoming weekend. The reason why this bugged me was because I had no idea what … Continue reading

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A risk not taken, is an opportunity lost

Many people are standing around a tranquil body of water with their fishing lines cast in it. They believe the water is abundant with fish. They’re content standing there exchanging a word or two, speaking of hope and opportunity. They feel like … Continue reading

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When giving advice to jobseekers, remember to keep an open mind

If you are going to advise jobseekers on how to properly conduct a job search, please do them a favor; get over yourself. That’s right, remember it’s not about you; it’s about giving your listeners options and opening their minds … Continue reading

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