4 more ways to stay encouraged during a long job search

Jessica Holbrook’s article mentioned four great ways to stay encouraged during the job search in an article titled “4 Tips for Staying Encouraged during a Long Job Search.” So I thought I’d do what my college buddies and I did when we were at a seedy diner, occupying a table until 3:00 a.m., staving off our drunken stupor; and playing the napkin game. In other words, add four more ways to stay positive in the job search.

One: I suggest you visit your local or your college career center. As a workshop specialists and one from whom many seek advice, I can say that there is a great deal to learn about the job search. Let’s face it; the job search has changed in the past 10, 20, 30 years. I’m not just blowing smoke.

How does your résumé feel (as Jessica mentions)? Do you realize that despite many people’s advice, a cover letter is still necessary? Are you aware that behavioral interviews are becoming the norm, even during a telephone interview?

Two: Find a support group. Your inclination might be to commiserate with a buddy over a couple of beers, but that grows old. Trust me. Have a couple of sit-downs to discuss your feelings about being laid off. Air it out.

But then decide to do something constructive, such as join a networking group or two. I suggest seeking out business networking groups or professional affiliations in your occupation where employed people attend. It’s always a good idea to network with people who are in your industry’s loop. Follow the networking creed, don’t go to these groups to ask for a job; you’re there to seek advice and provide your perspective.

Three: Get outside your comfort zone. Have you ever worn your watch on the opposite wrist? I know it’s a silly question, but when you wear your watch on the opposite wrist, it feels uncomfortable, almost unbearable. This is how it might feel to network face-to-face. You may dread going to a networking event where you’ll meet strangers and have to make small talk. Introverts like me know the feeling. However, I make it a point to attend networking events just to get outside my comfort zone. I see these as small victories. Eventaully these small victories will add up to a major victory…a job.

Four: Accept professional and social online networking. Use LinkedIn (the professional networking) to establish contacts and communicate with people who will make a difference in your job search. The same holds true for Twitter and Facebook (the social networking). Communicate with the plan to Advise, Acknowledge, Appreciate, and Advance. These are terms Liz Lynch uses in her presentation of Build strategic relationships using social media platforms. Simply stated, practice proper networking using online tools.

There are many suggestions on how to stay encouraged during your job search. Jessica offers you four viable ways, and I added four more. What other strategies can you think of? Share them with other people who are temporarily out of work. Play the napkin game and comment on Jessica’s and my suggestions.

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