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States with the most volunteers have the lowest unemployment rates…5 reasons to volunteer

A recent report by the National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) claims that volunteering can contribute to reducing unemployment rates. This study points to volunteering in the community and for nonprofit organizations and says this about volunteering: “Participation in civil society can … Continue reading

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Companies that are doing it wrong, you might learn some things from “Blink”

The book, Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, talks about decisions made from our unconscious and the negative or positive consequences such decisions produce. Some may call them split decisions or acting without thinking; Gladwell calls this phenomenon “the power of thinking without … Continue reading

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Don’t neglect this components of your LinkedIn profile; the Summary

To make your LinkedIn profile appealing to employers, every section of it has to stand out. I wrote an article on the LinkedIn photo and branding headline and how they can contribute to your personal branding. Now I’ll address one … Continue reading

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One more argument for volunteering your way to a job

Before you say, “I’m tired of hearing about volunteering,” take time to read what I have to say. I’ve ignored newspaper articles on what’s happening in the labor market because, quite honestly, they depress me. But this morning I was drawn … Continue reading

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You know your personal brand; now use your résumé and LinkedIn profile to send a consistent message

 As you recall from my previous article “Do you know what your personal brand is?” Chris Perry, founder of and the new, suggests some tips in his new book, LinkedUp: the Ultimate LinkedIn Job Search Guide on how to … Continue reading

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Be prepared for the big and little things at an interview

The other day a job seeker named Bill came to my workshop carrying a newspaper article from the Boston Herald titled: “Be prepared for [the] unexpected at [the] job interview.” It’s not often someone brings in a newspaper article for … Continue reading

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