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If you join LinkedIn, be prepared to work. 10 activities required to be successful

It hurts my heart when job seekers tell me they’ve been told that LinkedIn will be the reason for their success in finding a job. I mean it’s great that they’re using LinkedIn as part of their job search, but they … Continue reading

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Three ways to help introverts with their job search

Career advisors, when advising certain job seekers, have you ever noticed that small talk—breadth of knowledge—is not their forte? Rather they’d prefer to talk about more substantive topics—depth of knowledge—and appreciate the time to formulate their thoughts before speaking. What … Continue reading

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8 reasons why brevity is important in your job search and at work

I began reading what started as a great blog post. The topic interested me, the writing was humorous and demonstrated expertise. I was settling in for a good read, but there was one major problem; this post was too long.* … Continue reading

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16 of my rigid LinkedIn principles…

Somewhat controversial and very popular, I’ve added 6 LinkedIn principles to the original post. And I’ll continue to add principles as I think of them, or if people suggest them. This post has resulted in an increase of personalized invites! … Continue reading

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8 ways to keep the LinkedIn profile process from breaking down

And how it’s like painting a fence. This weekend I did something I hate. Painting. I hate painting for a number of reasons, but the major reason is the breakdown of process. For example, I’m cruising along painting my picket fence, … Continue reading

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9 signs you’re running the LinkedIn marathon

Lately one of my connections told me she needs a break from LinkedIn. Without naming names, I’ll tell you she’s a prominent figure on LinkedIn. I’ve seen her daily on my homepage feed for as long as I can remember. Because she told me she needs … Continue reading

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7 things to think about before including your LinkedIn profile URL on your job-search documents

I often get this question during a Résumé Advanced workshop or other workshops, “Should I include my LinkedIn address on my résumé?” My answer to this is, “Sure, as long as your profile will serve you well.” This is to say, your LinkedIn … Continue reading

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