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8 ways to keep the LinkedIn profile process from breaking down

And how it’s like painting a fence. This weekend I did something I hate. Painting. I hate painting for a number of reasons, but the major reason is the breakdown of process. For example, I’m cruising along painting my picket fence, … Continue reading

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7 things to think about before including your LinkedIn profile URL on your job-search documents

I often get this question during a Résumé Advanced workshop or other workshops, “Should I include my LinkedIn address on my résumé?” My answer to this is, “Sure, as long as your profile will serve you well.” This is to say, your LinkedIn … Continue reading

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4 reasons why your LinkedIn profile needs a strong Media section

This article marks the third of making your LinkedIn profile stronger. The previous two talked about your Summary and Experience sections. Before you read any further, I’d like you to take a moment to read one of the most comprehensive articles … Continue reading

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4 reasons why you need a strong LinkedIn Summary

I still remain perplexed that some LinkedIn members put little effort into their Summary section, or don’t have one at all. Would you go to an interview or business meeting without shoes? Of course not. So I wonder why people … Continue reading

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12 egregious mistakes you don’t want to make with your LinkedIn profile

I’ve reviewed many profiles as a workshop facilitator and LinkedIn trainer. Many profiles are well constructed, while others are not indicative of future success. Is it easy to create a compelling profile that gets noticed in a positive way? Not … Continue reading

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5 ways (each) to brand yourself with your résumé and LinkedIn profile

Now what? You have a personal brand that is great; it clearly shows your value to employers, so now you have to show it to the world. You’ve heard it over and over that you’re a product to be sold … Continue reading

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10 Lame excuses for neglecting LinkedIn

Are you on LinkedIn? That’s my favorite question of the day. Some of my customers say no, and we leave it at that. But others turn their nose up at the greatest online networking application out there and give me … Continue reading

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