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The 5 steps recruiters use to select the best résumés

This year my son wanted a Christmas tree, despite the fact he’s allergic to them. I was game. Besides, we know this great tree farm that isn’t well known by other Christmas tree buyers. (You may skip this story and … Continue reading

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10 reasons why recruiters and hiring managers dread reading a résumé

Here’s a fact: Very few people like reading résumés, especially those who read hundreds of them a week. Ask any recruiter or hiring manager (HM). I critique and write résumés as part of my job. I’ve read hundreds of them and have … Continue reading

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3 reasons why personal pronouns are acceptable on your résumé

During a résumé critique one of my customers presented me with a résumé that was quite good. Could it have been better? Sure, but for starters it had the elements of a solid résumé—a branding headline; a short, yet factual Performance Profile; … Continue reading

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7 ways to drop the ball in the job search

I’m not known for my etiquette. For instance, I often forget to send birthday cards to family members,; or I forget their birthdays entirely. When I’ve forgotten birthdays, I’ve essentially “dropped the ball.” There are a number of ways jobseekers “drop the … Continue reading

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2 areas where extraverts can improve in the job search

With the plethora of job-search advice for introverts (Is) and approximately zero for extraverts (Es), it must make the Es feel…unloved. I’d like to give some love to the Es, because that’s the kind of nice guy I am. In … Continue reading

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6 sources of accomplishments for your résumé

The other day one of my résumé writing workshop attendees told the group she couldn’t think of any accomplishments from her last job. As I’m known to do, I told her she wasn’t thinking hard enough. Silence. She’s an administrative assistant and, … Continue reading

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6 suggestions for paying someone to write your résumé; and my thoughts on installing a screen door

Last spring I made an attempt, albeit a weak one, to install a screen door on my house. As my wife stood watching hopeful that our house wouldn’t look like something from a ghetto, I kept thinking, “No way is … Continue reading

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