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Leaving “I” out of your interview answers is NOT noble. Use a 4-step process to answer interview questions

When I ask my workshop attendees to answer an interview question, some of them refuse to talk about their role in a past assignment. An article on Recruiting Blogs details this problem job seekers have, the unwillingness, or inability to describe their role in … Continue reading

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13 ways to act professionally in the job search

Years ago my daughter had to defend her position when she was accused of something that she and I felt was unjust. Nonetheless, before she spoke to the principal, I told her to act professionally. The look on her face … Continue reading

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Don’t swallow the honest pill with these 3 interview questions

Malls drive me nuts. If Dante had another ring of hell to add, it would consist of shoppers aimlessly walking around looking for the nearest exit. I feel this way five minutes after being in one that my daughters drag me … Continue reading

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Younger interviewers, 9 reasons why you should not discriminate against older workers

As a followup to 5 reasons why older workers should not discriminate against younger interviewers, this is the flip side of age discrimination. I hate seeing trepidation in the eyes of my older workers. It concerns me and then I get angry. The reason … Continue reading

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10 ways to beat the interview nerves

Have you been so nervous during an interview that you temporarily forget your name or what your previous title was? It happens. Have you been so nervous that the cup of water you’re holding is shaking beyond control? Sure, it … Continue reading

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4 reasons for NOT saying at an interview that you’re a Perfectionist

I can say with certainty that I am not a perfectionist. Today, for instance, I’m wearing brown shoes, olive-green pants, a black belt, a blue striped shirt, and a Mackintosh plaid tie. And, oh, my socks don’t match. I attribute … Continue reading

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5 times when nonstop talking can hurt you in the job search and at work

If that got your attention, good. I don’t know any other way to say it; I hate it when people talk too much. This is a personal issue of mine, a lack of tolerance, perhaps; but incessant talking makes my mind … Continue reading

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