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4 components of job-search networking emails

And why they are a secret to your success. The other day during a résumé critique one of my customers told me how he had been networking. Something was in the works with a company as a result of him … Continue reading

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Leaving “I” out of your interview answers is NOT noble. Use a 4-step process to answer interview questions

When I ask my workshop attendees to answer an interview question, some of them refuse to talk about their role in a past assignment. An article on Recruiting Blogs details this problem job seekers have, the unwillingness, or inability to describe their role in … Continue reading

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7 reasons why you need personal business cards, and 7 facts to include on them

A funny story I tell my workshop attendees is about how I ordered 250 personal business cards on, only to find when I opened them that I’d spelled my occupation wrong: “worksop facilitator.” There went 250 personal business cards into the … Continue reading

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3 areas of your career when effective communications is essential

One story I tell in my workshops is about how a former customer of mine improved communications between two warring departments. He told me that these groups were literally at war with each other and just couldn’t play well together. … Continue reading

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5 steps to take when networking your way to important people

I recently read a post Please Don’t Send Me Your Résumé, written by Lida Citroen, which resonated with me. It’s general message was, “Don’t rely on others to do everything for you. Take responsibility for your job search.” I agree … Continue reading

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10 ways we help job seekers find employment

But there are many more ways. I had a great experience recently and thought I’d share it with you. As I was leaving work and walking to the city garage, a customer of mine screeched his car to a halt … Continue reading

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13 ways to act professionally in the job search

Years ago my daughter had to defend her position when she was accused of something that she and I felt was unjust. Nonetheless, before she spoke to the principal, I told her to act professionally. The look on her face … Continue reading

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